Thank you for your interest in the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit, where we build strong kids, strong families and strong communities. Our hope is to serve you and your family with helpful information. We have an increasing number of friends at the YMCA who now are benefiting from life income gifts, gift annuities and other plans.

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Meet the Staff

YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit
1401 Broadway, Suite 3A
Detroit, MI 48226
Telephone: 313-223-2498
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Debbie Kaiser Debbie Kaiser
Campaign and Endowment Director

My first Y experience was when I interviewed for a position at what I thought was the "sleepy" Macomb Family YMCA. As I prepared for the interview, I began to research what the YMCA did in my community. I was amazed with the diverse age groups the YMCA reached out to, as well as the range of services that the YMCA provided. I was also surprised to learn that the Y was open to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. At the interview I began to ask questions about the Y to the executive director, who was very knowledgeable and proud of the organization he worked for. At the end of the interview my last words were "I would like to be a part of the growth of this YMCA, but I have a lot to learn about this organization." Now 14 years later I still have a lot to learn about this organization and I am still amazed at the vast, diverse programs we bring to the communities that we serve. It is a pleasure and privilege to work for the YMCA, and it is exciting to be part of an organization that helps to change people's lives for the better; always growing to meet the needs of those we serve, and always growing and learning from one another.

With the Development Group, I enjoy working on a wide spectrum of projects. My main focus is endowment development, where I am working to ensure that the YMCA will be always growing to meet the ever changing needs of those we serve: kids, teens, elders and families in our community.
Susan Walters-Klenke Susan Walters-Klenke
Director of Development

Susan Walters-Klenke has been a part of the Y family for over 10 years. She began her YMCA career with the YMCA of Greater Houston. "I was a long time member of the Y and had not realized the incredible work the YMCA did in my community. After a Y employee showed me what I could do, I was hooked"

She currently serves as the Director of Development for the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit.

"As a mother of four wonderful children that grew up in the Y I feel strongly about helping even more children reach their full potential. The Y is able to help so many children and families in that respect. The Y is about youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. What parent doesn't want that for their children and what community member doesn't want that for all children."

Dan Maier Dan Maier
Executive Vice President
(313) 267-5300
Dan Maier has served in not-for-profits for more than 20 years providing counsel and leadership in communications, corporate relations, marketing and philanthropy. After five years serving the YMCA Movement at the YMCA of the USA, Dan joined the YMCA of Metro Detroit to help finished the Building Strong Kids Capital Campaign in 2002. "I love Michigan and being a part of something regional in scope but local in effect. Helping matching donors with those in need keeps me smiling and eager to coming to work everyday," says Maier. "There are so many people whose lives have been changed by the YMCA. You hear the stories every day. And behind each of those stories are a thousands acts of kindness and generosity. How can you not love living and working in that kind of environment."
Jim Fuqua Jim Fuqua
Vice President, Resource Development
(313) 223-2489

Since 1978, Jim Fuqua has been inspired by the YMCA and devoted to it. "For more than 30 years, I have witnessed firsthand the power of the YMCA to profoundly change lives for the better. I have seen what a simple summer resident camp experience can do for inner city children who have never experienced the great outdoors, and I've watched middle class families thrive by spending quality time together in YMCA programs. My assignments in Houston, Brazil, Dayton and Detroit have all been very different, but they have one thing in common: the ability of the YMCA to build strong kids, strong families and strong communities. I know the YMCA enriches lives – because it has most definitely enriched mine."

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